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Magic: The Gathering

Civilized Scholar // Homicidal Brute [Innistrad]

Civilized Scholar // Homicidal Brute [Innistrad]

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Set: Innistrad
Type: Creature — Human Advisor
Rarity: Uncommon
Cost: {2}{U}
{T}: Draw a card, then discard a card. If a creature card is discarded this way, untap Civilized Scholar, then transform it.
"Me, angry? Of course not. Thanks to my research, I'm above such petty emotions now."
Reverse Type: Creature — Human Mutant
At the beginning of your end step, if Homicidal Brute didn't attack this turn, tap Homicidal Brute, then transform it.
For a moment his basest desires run free, unshackled by reason or conscience.
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