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Flesh And Blood

Crown of Reflection [EVR137] (Everfest) 1st Edition Cold Foil

Crown of Reflection [EVR137] (Everfest) 1st Edition Cold Foil

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Set: Everfest
Edition: 1st Edition
Finish: Cold Foil
Type: Equipment
Subtype: Head
Rarity: Majestic
Class: Illusionist
Cost: 0
Power: 0
Instant - Destroy Crown of Reflection: Destroy target Illusionist aura you control. If you do, you may put an Illusionist aura card from your hand into the arena with cost less than or equal the aura destroyed this way. Activate Crown of Reflection only during your action phase. Arcane Barrier 1 (If your hero would be dealt arcane damage, you may pay [Resource] instead. If you do, prevent 1 arcane damage that source would deal.)
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