E4 Cards & More Duel Commander League - Season 1

Duel Commander League

Season 1, 2024 (Jul 24 - Sep 25)

E4 Duel Commander League inaugural season will run from Wednesday, July 24th, 2024 through Wednesday, September 25th, 2024.  Scheduled play will be at 6:00PM every Wednesday night through the season.  We will be playing at Casual REL in Swiss rounds based on attendance.

What is Duel Commander?

Duel Commander is an MTG community format that uses the majority of the MTG Commander ruleset, while making some optimizations and changes to morph it into a competitive 1v1 format.

Duel Commander gives a way to use your commander play and deckbuilding knowledge, and utilize it in a more competitive environment than casual pods, while not requiring the commitment of CEDH.

Information on Duel Commander can be found at the links below:

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules, as knowledge of the ruleset will be expected of participants.  Specifically, playing a banned card will result in a game loss and completion of the event with that card removed from your deck, to be replaced with a basic land. 

How does the League Work?

The League will run for a total of ten weeks.  Participants will receive points based on the following:

  • Attending a week: 7 points
  • Winning a Match: 3 points
  • Drawing a Match: 1 point

This means that a three-round Swiss weekly event would provide a maximum of 16 points if you attended and won all three rounds, while providing a minimum of 7 points if you attended and lost all three rounds.  A four-round Swiss weekly event would award a maximum of 19 points for a sweep, and still award the same 7 point minimum just for attending.

Match play will begin as a best-of-three 50 minute round.  If we run into issues completing a best-of-three in this time frame (i.e. most games are ending in game one or two at time) then we will revisit this in future rounds.  We encourage participants to build decks designed to end the game to avoid this.

Winners of each weekly league will be awarded $15 in E4 store credit, and second place each week will be awarded $5 in E4 store credit.  Prize packs (if available) will be awarded to undefeated players (foil) and X-1 players (standard).  This will be the sum total of the weekly awards.  Minimum players required to fire the event will be four.  Should we not get four players, the players that attend will receive $10 in E4 store credit as compensation for the event not firing.

At the conclusion of the league on Sept 25th, the player with the most points in the league will be awarded a Duskmourne Collector Booster Box!  Should we average ten players per week over the course of the league season, second place will receive a Duskmourne Bundle, and third/fourth place will receive a Duskmourne Collector Booster Pack.  These prizes will be available to winners the evening of the last season event.

Cost of the league will be $10 per event, with the option to purchase a Season Pass for all ten weeks in advance on our website for $90, prepaid, for a ten percent discount.  Pre-registration is non-refundable, regardless of attendance, and will only be available until the first night of competition.