Sell your cards to us!

Use the filters and search box below to locate the cards you wish to sell. If it is a card we are currently buying, it will show a cash and a credit price. You can click either button to add that item to your sell cart. When you have added all the cards you want to, click the cart button to review and submit your cart.

Once your cart is submitted, please bring your cards into the store, unsleeved and in alphabetical order, separated by game if you are selling us card from multiple games. A staff member will receive in your buylist, and it will be processed in 24-48 hours, excluding weekends. You will receive an email detailing which cards we accepted and any adjustments we needed to make, and can pick up your cash. Store credit orders will have store credit added automatically to the store account associated with the email you submit in the cart.

Adjustments may be made based on condition. We use TCGPlayer's conditioning standards as we are a TCG Direct seller and subject to those standards ourselves.

Cards from new sets (generally within 30 days of launch) may be manually adjusted to reflect rapidly changing market conditions.